4 Streets in Hove | Carbon Neutral Communities Retrofit Programme

Partnering with the '4 Streets in Hove' community to reduce energy bills and carbon emissions across the whole neighbourhood

In November 2023 Brighton & Hove Energy Services Co-operative (BHESCo) held a citywide competition to identify one lucky neighbourhood in Brighton and Hove who wanted to be our partners in a heat and power decarbonisation programme. 

After reviewing a number of excellent nominations, BHESCo selected the neighbourhood of ‘4 Streets in Hove’ as the winner.

Over the coming months, we will work closely with residents in the ‘4 Streets in Hove’ neighbourhood to develop a community-level package of energy efficiency and renewable energy installations that will drive down long-term heating costs and carbon emissions. 

Sign up to the Fairer Warmth web app

Live in the 4 Streets in Hove area? 

Register to be part of the Carbon Neutral Communities programme by signing up to the Fairer Warmth web app. 

The app will act as a bridge between BHESCo and residents of 4 Streets in Hove, letting you can ask questions, access resources, and provide details about your home.

The Fairer Warmth app will help BHESCo to understand who in the neighbourhood wants to be part of the programme and  what are the most common measures that people want to install. For this reason we are encouraging everyone who wants to participate in the Carbon Neutral Communities programme to sign up to the Fairer Warmth app.

What is the Carbon Neutral Communities programme all about?

The UK is lagging behind its climate targets, and addressing our old and cold housing is one of the most important things we can do.

To tackle our housing and climate challenges, we need scale. This programme will show that street-level retrofitting is not only possible, but is easier and more affordable than going it alone. 

When the houses on a street (or collection of neighbouring streets) are very similar we can make conclusions about the best energy efficiency measures for all homes based on a survey of just a few archetypal properties. 

This means we can then offer homeowners a package of common recommended works, with minor adjustments tailored to individual properties or preferences. 

When it comes to the installation stage, works can be grouped together for efficiency as installers move easily between each home.

The Carbon Neutral Communities programme offers participating households the chance to be part of this forward-thinking solution.

If you live in the ‘Four Streets in Hove’ neighbourhood please register your interest in participating in the programme by signing up to Fairer Warmth, which we are using as the main point of communication. 

Eligible streets include:

Brooker Place

Brooker Street

Connaught Terrace

Belfast Street

Stirling Place

Blatchington Road (3 – 67)

Find out everything you need to know about the programme using the links below. The Launch Event summary includes a series of short videos explaining different aspects of the programme. The FAQs provides BHESCo’s response to various questions that residents have raised about participating. 

Reasons to participate in the Carbon Neutral Communities programme

Read more about what it means to ‘retrofit’ your home, what are some common energy saving measures, and what the process will involve.

What residents of 4 Streets in Hove can expect