Focus Group Door Knocking Guidance Notes

Door knocking Aims and objectives – Please use this along side the project’s FAQs 


  • It would be good if there are two representatives from each street to door knock on their own street. Residents may be more receptive to hearing about the project if approached by a neighbour they know. Therefore, please distribute the addresses in a way that you can door knock on the doors of neighbours that you know.


  • Part of the Carbon Neutral Communities focus group, partnered with BHESCo to embark on this project. Key role is to support with community engagement.  


  • Brief overview of the project details – 100 households to have one or more energy efficiency measures installed (retrofitted), 50 households as part of community solar program. Installation work to take place in June-July. We need clear numbers of sign-ups committing to installs by March so that we can access the final part to the project funding.  


  • BHESCo will make every effort to ensure the project is as efficient and streamlined as possible. Every household will receive a menu of energy efficiency improvement recommendations to choose from, which will be informed by detailed property surveys that BHESCo will carry out in February. When many houses in an area are similar we can make assumptions for the rest of the houses in the area. This approach also makes the project more accessible and affordable as it removes the need for every household to have an energy survey which is normally required to identify what measures will be suitable.  


  • FairerWarmth – created by Centre of Energy Equality. Crucial for ensuing cohesiveness throughout the project. Central point of communication between BHESCo and households. Allows household to track their project journey, send messages to BHESCo with questions or asking for support or to book an energy survey. 
  • The platform will be a central point of data storage; households can see when any documentation has been uploaded about their house in relation to their installation work. Use QR code for people to scan, or show people the URL. Sign-ups to FairerWarmth is not counted as being committed to the project, but as expression of interest.  


  • If people are not comfortable with signing up themselves –  explain that they can ask for a champion who will help with the sign in process, or if they very much against using the FairerWarmth then we will find the best way to work with them. It would be best if you could take their contact details so that BHESCo can contact them. If not, ask them to contact , or to call 0800 999 6671. 


  • If you have an elderly neighbour, who may not be comfortable with technology,  ask them to see how they are doing with FairerWarmth and ask if they need a hand.  


  •  One of the recommended measures given to a household may be solar PV. This will be added to your recommended measures list, if your roof orientation is suitable. If you are interested in pursuing solar PV you will be given more detail further along in the project.  


  • Please make sure to take everyone’s email if they want to be put on the mailing list and to be sent more information.  
  • Ask if they want to be added to the programme WhatsApp Group (as separate from the Focus Group WhatsApp) 


BHESCo services throughout project:


  • A free solar power analysis for all households on the participating streets 
  • Free whole house energy saving surveys for a select number of houses in the neighbourhood 
  • Street level planning and modelling of installation works 
  • Coordination of bulk procurement of energy saving measures 
  • Opportunity to join a community solar scheme 
  • Project management of all works to be installed 
  • Quality assurance of all works installed 
  • Support accessing grants such as the Great British Insulation Scheme through FairerWarmth.