A Message from BHESCo's founder & CEO

Kayla Ente MBE

Founder & CEO

BHESCo recognises that rising cost of living is a big concern for people in Brighton and Hove.

The fastest and least expensive way to protect ourselves in the long term is to reduce the amount of energy we need to heat and power our homes. This can only be done by improving our homes’ ability to retain heat by installing energy efficiency measures.

Not only will this achieve significant savings on our monthly energy bills, it will make a major contribution to helping the UK achieve its carbon emission reduction targets.

From our experience, we have concluded that by approaching this challenge on a neighbourhood level, we can identify common solutions for properties on the street, achieving significant cost savings when applying economies of scale, such as bulk buying products like insulation or solar panels.

In addition to a reduction on the cost of materials, we hope to secure preferential rates for systems installation, as installers can achieve greater efficiencies when working with a number of households simultaneously.

This pilot programme, called Carbon Neutral Communities, puts our conclusions into practice. Our vision is that the programme will create a scalable model for communities. BHESCo intends to inspire residents to make energy efficiency improvements to their homes because they feel part of a genuine community movement, motivated by common values. We want to encourage neighbours to work together, supported by BHESCo’s expertise and resources, to share experiences and best practices to drive down energy costs for the benefit of all.

By partnering with BHESCo, the residents can be confident of identifying the most cost-effective and practical energy saving solutions for their home, installed at a significantly reduced cost, estimated at between 5-20%, than if they were to go it alone. They can take this opportunity to generate their own electricity, while engaging BHESCo to optimise the economic benefit of the locally generated electricity in a community ownership model, on a neighbourhood scale.

We look forward to working collaboratively, side-by-side with residents of the winning street to demonstrate what can be done at a neighbourhood level to tackle complex socio-economic and environmental issues.