How to sign up to Fairer Warmth:
A step-by-step guide

If you are a resident of the 4 Streets in Hove neighbourhood, we ask you to register to be part of the Carbon Neutral Communities programme by signing up to Fairer Warmth.

The app will act as a bridge between BHESCo and residents of 4 Streets in Hove, letting you can ask questions, access resources, and provide details about your home.

The Fairer Warmth platform will help BHESCo to understand who in the neighbourhood wants to be part of the programme and what are the most common measures that people want to install. For this reason we are encouraging everyone who wants to participate in the Carbon Neutral Communities programme to register with Fairer Warmth.

*** BHESCo will soon be selecting which homes will qualify for a free home energy survey. To be eligible for a free survey, you must have signed up to the Fairer Warmth app by 31st January 2024.

How to sign up

Step 1) Go to and click ‘Get Started’

Step 2) Create an account with your name and email address

Step 3) Click My Property’,  enter your postcode and select your address

Step 4) Click My Plan’ and choose Find Support Options’

Step 5) Click Show All Support Options

Step 6)  Click the heart icon for the 4 Streets in Hove: Carbon Neutral Communities option

Step 7)  Scroll down to the ‘Retrofit’ section. Click the heart icon for the retrofit measures that you are interested in 

Explainer video

Why you should to sign up to the Fairer Warmth platform

  • Provides cohesiveness throughout project of this scale
  • Easy to use and efficient way of uploading necessary information to BHESCo.
  • Enables critical mass to be identified, crucial for bulk procurement 
  • Main point of communication between BHESCo and local residents
  • Simple way for residents to visualise and stay engaged with their journey throughout project
  • Easy for residents to request information, surveys, ask questions, all in one place

Further info:

See here for:

  • Information about the Centre of Energy Equality (creators of FairerWarmth):